“Today, the New Frontier is not so much about technology, space or medicine. It’s about the explosion of possibility that comes as we find out how to intentionally enjoy and connect with one another within our already existing social groups. We haven’t even touched the vast creative potential of heart-connected, awakened families, friendships, businesses and community organizations.”      -- Tej Steiner

Tej Steiner is a new kind of teacher. There isn’t a name yet for the kind of teacher he is: it's that new. While interested in individual transformation, he's far more fascinated with teaching how we can transform our existing social relationships and organizations so that they support, encourage and nurture each member to come out of separation and aloneness into true connection with one another. His passion is in transforming the culture so that the culture supports individual transformation rather than being the primary obstacle to it. 

I’m interested in how families can support each individual member to feel more alive and in touch with each other so the family becomes an entirely new kind of intentional family. My passion is around how we can create schools that support not just the students in transformation but the teachers and administrators as well. I’m interested in how we can change the internal culture of our business world so that the  


businesses support both employees and employers in creating a great place to work while fulfilling the goals of that business.

I’ve had the wonderful good fortune of being able to explore group dynamics for forty years as an independent group facilitator. I’ve sat in thousands of circles with tens of thousands of people: circles for men, women, couples, families, friends, businesses, schools, prisons and all kinds of social organizations. I developed a circle format called Heart Circles; teaching people how to form and facilitate their own ongoing support group. 

I’ve also learned a tremendous amount about how groups can function at radically higher levels than what occurs now. I love this work! I want to share what I’ve learned with those who are interested in it.


Photographer: Heather Williams