Every group organizes itself around agreements, requirements, intentions, expectations, taboos, laws or rules that group members adhere to in order to join or remain in the group. It’s what allows it to function as a group. The problem is, most of these agreements and rules are hidden, pre-imposed or closed to any meaningful discussion about them. As a result, group members don’t have a way to look at why they are in that particular group, what they want from being in it or how they would prefer to the group to function. There are all kinds of entirely different assumptions and conflicting desires going on underneath the surface of almost every family, business, circle of friends, school and social organization today. 

In sitting in these thousands of circles, I’ve discovered that if a group creates room for members to make intentional agreements with one another around purpose and process, then the dynamics of that group radically changes the moment those clear agreements are in place. Everything changes. 

As importantly, I’ve also discovered that there are certain elemental agreements that all groups can make with one another in order to maximize the creativity and connection between the members within the group. When these specific agreements are in place, group members automatically begin to feel like it is their group: their family, business or school. They take ownership of it. These agreements also allow people to show up as they are rather than as they are expected to be. People can relax, speak openly and be direct and real with one another. Differences are honored and encouraged rather than feared or suppressed. Third party talk, gossip, backbiting, power playing and harmful inter-group rivalry are replaced with a very different kind of co-creative environment. 

More than anything else, these basic agreements encourage people to connect with one another before taking action so that the actions taken are in harmony with everyone’s aligned intent. 

This is just a taste of what these New Circle Dynamics address. Interested? If so, hop on over to the Courses link and take a look at how you can experience these New Circle Dynamics directly so that you can see for yourself what a radical difference they make within the dynamics of any group.

heart circle dynamics PROGRAMS 

How Groups Come Alive and Thrive: An in-person, 2-hour experiential talk introducing Heart Circle Dynamics with Tej Steiner. See schedule for city locations and dates. If you are interested in hosting a talk in your town contact us!


The 8-Week Tele-course: For those people who want to explore these group dynamics teachings with Tej but can’t attend the 2-day course. It consists of 8 weekly, 90 minute conference calls. Time and dates for this series will be varied so that people in different world time zones can participate. See schedule for times and enrollment information. $250


The Two-Day Experience: This 16-hour course, facilitated by Tej, will give you a direct experience of how group members can come into harmony and connection with one another. It will also give you ways to implement and incorporate these teachings into your daily life within any group that you currently a member.  $250

Consulting: This is an opportunity to work directly with Tej within your family, school, business, friends or organization. Consulting includes in person training or sessions by tele-conference. See what these teachings can do to bring your group into deeper connection and creativity. 


All of these trainings are designed to be highly experiential, informative and enjoyable. You will be introduced to new ideas and possibilities that can significantly rearrange your understanding of what it is to be a fully connected member within any group in which you belong.