Energetic Fields That Uplift The Individuals In Them


Greetings from Abadiânia, Brazil!

I'm here with my daughter. She came to see John of God on a quest for healing and I have the privilege of being with her in this place of grace.

From my perspective, all that happens here – the healing, the transformation, the grace, the miracles that people experience – comes from a massively sublime energetic field, a highly charged field of love. It’s palpable. Just coming onto the Casa grounds I feel these strong crystalline currents of pure energy. Meditation for hours here comes easily for many who can’t sit still for a minute at home. 

There are many reasons why the field here is so strong. I want to name a few of them and then illustrate the relationship I see between the field here and the field that’s created within Heart Circles:

  • First, this place of grace rests on a bed of crystal rock. It hums with blue white energy.

  • Second, John of God himself has a magnificent capacity to channel this crystalline energy in his service as a medium for heart-centered entities that heal those who journey here. This is, in part, because he has no self-serving interest that I can detect. Just a pure motivation to serve, heal, and give love to each person he meets.

  • Third, the thousands of people who come here each month themselves participate in creating and sustaining this field. Those coming to be healed bring with them their own mediumship to heal. Everyone adds their own love whether they’re conscious of this or not.

  • Fourth, the entities or non-physical presence of beings that are raising the frequency of love here are breath-givingly powerful. Just writing about this right now brings a surge of gratitude within me.

  • And last, on arrival, people are asked to write down what they want by being here. These deepest desires for health and wholeness are an essential element in creating this magnificent magnetic field.

In a sentence, what does this field do? It raises our own individual field into a high and holy state when we enter into it because the field’s energy is high, whole, and unified. It’s that powerful and pervasive.

The same elements in place here at the Casa are part of Heart Circles:

  • First, while Heart Circles aren’t located on a crystalline rock bed, they do meet mostly in cozy homes that have their own amazing energy source.

  • Second, the motivation for starting Heart Circles is pure; free from personal gain. They work because of the simple sincerity of the people forming and participating in them.

  • Third, in Heart Circle all members participate in holding space for one another. They are purely collaborative. Each person receives attention, the source of healing itself, from the whole and then gives attention to another.

  • Fourth, a strong energetic field by nature has within it access to unlimited information and wisdom. Energy is information. Within each Heart Circle there is always the presence of the unembodied teacher. It’s the wisdom of the Circle itself. The unified field within the Circle is the teacher. That teacher is always there when two or more gather together intentionally in the name of love.

  • And last, in Heart Circle, like here in the Casa, perhaps the most essential elements are the deepest longings for health and transformation of the Circle members. Manifesting these longings is the focus and intention of every Heart Circle.

My own high and happy state after being here has inspired me further to continue developing Heart Circles. I’ve seen more clearly that Heart Circles are important for exactly the same reasons the Casa is so effective. In essence, Heart Circles are social structures that allow any group of people to access this same energetic field that is what life itself is made of. Ultimately, that’s what Heart Circles are for – to create a group energetic field that uplifts the individuals in it.

It’s a privilege to be here. It’s a privilege to share my experience of being here with you.

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