The Storm


If I want to describe what I think is happening in the world today, saying, “Get ready! Get ready! The storm is coming!” isn’t quite accurate. It’s more accurate to say, “The storm is here! The storm is here! Are you tracking it?”

So what kind of storm do I think is already here? I want to give words to my experience of it. I want to offer you an open-source reality-check so that you can add your experience of life today for you. I want to grapple with all this with you for a moment: “What is this that I’m calling a storm? How do we deal with it? Where is it leading us?”

The storm I’m feeling and marveling at is a multi-layered storm that comes in two flavors: internal and external. It’s hard for me to tell which one is which sometimes. I want to start with the external storm and use random reports in the news this week to paint a picture of what it looks like, not in total, but all around the edges.

A UN report last Monday said that there are now 60 million refugees in the world, more than any other time in history: 60 million people storming one border or another after fleeing their homes!

A white guy walks into a black church and shoots 9 black people on the very same day that another 78 people are murdered in cities across the country: people simply shooting each other for reasons of their own. An average of 87 murders happening every day in the good old USA. This is a storm of bullets and unbelievable trauma.

It’s going to be 109 degrees this weekend where I live here in Ashland, Oregon and it’s not yet even July. Wild fires are already burning in four western states well before fire season begins. We’re poised for a firestorm this summer in many parts of the world.  

It was reported two days ago that more than 60% of US Republicans still think that global warming is a political hoax. That’s a crazy-making storm. Another news report said that now two thirds of all Americans are obese or overweight. Two thirds? How did we come into this super-sized storm so fast? Another little news item reported that one third of the world’s aquifer water is already gone and we simply don’t know what’s left of the rest. What happens when we don’t have water for 7 billion people? What do we name that storm?

These are just a couple of news stories this week. What about last month’s news? How do I remember to care about the 15,000 Nepalese people and the huge chunk of their historical sites that died and crumbled when the mountains shook in May. How do I remember those that boatload of drowning people in China, or that Lebron James got really depressed for several days after losing a basketball game or that there’s a new street drug killing kids around the world that’s 50 times more powerful than pure heroin. 50 times more powerful than pure heroin? I think they call all of this a shit-storm.


So without a pause, I move right into the internal storm: the storm happening inside us. For me, the most amazing thing about the internal storm is that there is so little external verification that an internal storm within all of us is even happening! It’s as if the external storm with all of its insanity and extinction is not affecting our health, happiness and day-to-day lives. Our big predator animals and our tiny wondrous bees are disappearing. And we feel no grief about this? Our bobcats and bees are woven into us. What happens to the weave of things when they’re gone? 

It’s as if it’s no big deal that all of us are now wired into an enormous electronic grid for the first time in history: it’s no big deal that we’re undergoing exponentially rapid change, with EMF’s radiating us everywhere along with massive over-stimulation of our nervous systems. It’s no big deal that our pain body or trauma field is being activated like some out of control jack-in-the-box telling us it’s time to let go of the past.

It’s as if making the paradigm shift from the finite to the infinite is as easy as pie even though it means leaving behind all the beliefs, habits and conditioned thoughts that we’ve used to prop up our fragile egos for thousands of years. It’s as if we are supposed to know how to keep our marriages together when both partners are transforming into completely new people every year. Happy New Year: who’s this stranger in my bed? Or better yet, who am I today?

The internal storm is a kicker! It’s a wild ride. Put it together with the external storm and potentially we all have a recipe for losing it on any given stressed-out day.

The news is not all bleak, however. Fortunately, inside of this massive storm there’s the fabled eye of the storm: the place where everything’s calm and clear in the midst of swirling cows flying and the suffering people crying. 

The eye of the storm! It could be that the purpose of life is to find our way into the eye of the storm. If this is true then it stands to reason that we’ve got to have a storm to find it.

This is why I love Heart Circles.

Heart Circles are designed so that members feel supported in finding their own individual eye of the storm, their own relatedness to others, their own embodied awareness. Heart Circles are thus intentional circles where we can be with people we trust for a couple of hours each week: a place and a space where we can share our personal storm stories, then remind each other how to shift out of the story into the transpersonal reality where life is seen through the eye of perfection and wonder.

We can’t get to the eye of the storm by ourselves for one obvious reason: our connection to everything and each other IS the eye of the storm! We circle up to realize connection.

As the storm continues to gather ferocious strength, and it will, the sacred circle will keep expanding until we no longer need crisis and storms to bring us together into the heart of connection.

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