Team-Work: How the Democratic Candidates Can Unite to Beat Donald Trump


Taking a sober look around our world today tells us that we are at a crossroads in human history. We’re on the brink of a ‘Perfect Storm’, wherethe threats of global warming, nuclear war, income inequality, a global refugee crisis, and water shortages are perfectly poised to create a cascading series of disasters that have already begun.

We have in Donald Trump the perfect puppet-master of these cataclysmic possibilities. His mental instability and his pro-disaster policies put him in a position to accelerate, intentionally or inadvertently, any or all of these negative scenarios.

This brings us to the 2020 Presidential election. It’s not just that Donald Trump needs to be defeated. We must alsobring people into power who have the visionary intelligenceto face the cataclysmic issues that threaten us. If we don’t, we’ll be watching this world-wide train wreck gather speed without being able to stop it.

With the current Democratic presidential candidates, we may have one of the most gifted collection of leaders ever assembled in one Presidential candidacy field since the beginning of the Republic. There is individual and collective brilliance, vision, commitment and courage within this large group of leaders. Yet, despite their brilliance, it may not be enough to defeat Donald Trump. The entrenched, regressive base he represents is ready to do whatever it takes to retain their frozen points of view.

I believe there is one revolutionary step these candidates can take that would help ensure a Democratic victory in 2020. I use the word revolutionarycautiously, but with clear intent:

That these candidates start to function as a united team while simultaneously continuing to compete individually for the nomination.

The idea is simple. In addition to the candidates meeting with their own campaign staff to develop strategies for winning the nomination, they would also meet regularly with one another to develop strategies for winning the election…together.

These bi-monthly or monthly meetings would be open only to the candidates themselves, using an online, interactive-video meeting site. Each meeting would be followed by a press-briefing to keep the American people updated on their progress. If candidates drop out of the race, they would still be welcome to attend these ongoing, online meetings.

Meeting together as a united team would not interrupt or replace competing with one another. Candidates would continue presenting to the American public their nuanced visions and personal qualifications for why they believe they’re best suited to be the Democratic nominee. Meeting together would be an ‘add-on’ to this. 

These meetings would essentially be creative ‘brainstorming’ sessions between the candidates, organized around two central questions: 

1.    What strategies can we create as a team to defeat Donald Trump in 2020?

2.    How can we better impress on the American people the urgency of these Perfect Storm issues? 

In order to become a fully functional team while still running independently, the candidates would have to make several agreements:

First, and foremost, they would agree that they are a team; a team unified in the understanding that removing Donald Trump from power is more important than deciding which one of these Democratic candidates comes into power! 

Second, the candidates would agree on which issues pose the most urgent threat to our world, and then agree to speak with one voice about these threats. They would most likely include the Perfect Storm issues I mentioned above:

1.    Climate Changeand its catastrophic potential to dwarf all other issues, except for…

2.    Nuclear Warwith its power to destroy everything

3.    Income Inequality whereby one percent of the people own fifty percent of the world’s wealth 

4.    The Refugee Crisiswith over 70 million displaced people around the world…and counting

5.    Water Shortages and Drought most visible in India right now where millions of people are facing water-shortage disaster 

Donald Trump recognizes none of these issues as being real. His policies deny the realities of global warming, increase the possibility of nuclear war, widen the gap between the rich and poor, dehumanize and abuse refugees, and pull us away from international cooperation. His America Firstmindset is pouring gasoline on a fire already raging.  

We have no historical precedent for the combined threat these issues pose. The Democratic candidates would agree to speak with one voice saying, “THIS is what’s at stake in the 2020 election. It’s not justabout who wins the Presidential race. It’s about the survival and well-being of the human race!” 

The third agreement candidates would make as a team is to refrain from belittling the policies and personality of the others. This will save a tremendous amount of time and energy that’s better spent clarifying the real differences between candidates. 

By working as a team, all of the experience and wisdom of the candidates will be better utilized. This would include Joe Biden’s broad-based appeal, Kamala Harris’s prosecutor’s clarity, Pete Buttigieg’s intellectual prowess, Cory Booker’s compassionate integrity, Elizabeth Warren’s passion for social change, Bernie Sander’s ageless grit, Jay Inslee’s understanding of climate change, and, yes, Marianne Williamson’s vision of love as a political force. 

Can you imagine what would happen if these leaders ended up in the Democratic cabinet in 2021? Along with our having a strong, competent president, we’d also get a group of brilliant people who had already demonstrated their ability to work together as a team. I think that a large majority of Americans would flock to the polls saying, “Yes, let’s do this together!”

There are four major advantages to the candidates uniting as a team: 

1.    Donald Trump’s greatest weakness is his inability to collaborate with others. The candidates’ greatest strength is their ability to collaborate with one another to defeat him. 

2.    By facing these Perfect Storm issues as a team, the candidates would be modeling how we must all unite to face these issues together. This, alone, would inspire and give hope to hundreds of millions of people in America and around the world.

3.    I believe that the Democrats will win the election if the candidates come together in this way. 

4.    Our grandchildren will forever thank them for doing so. 

If you resonant with these ideas, please pass this article on to the candidate you favor and to your team of friends, family members, and contacts!

What to Do 
Let’s collaborate! If you agree with these ideas, please share them with others in any way that feels right to you! Pass this along! And I would love to hear any comments, inspired ideas, or responses you may have;

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