"The greatest challenge we face today is not climate change, not economic collapse, nor terrorism or even war. It’s something much vaster, more subtle, and never before seen or dealt with in human history: the global over-stimulation of our individual nervous systems that comes from the explosion of technology and rapid change.

We are chronically over-stimulated and sped up by the culture we live in. We are moving faster than our bodies can tolerate. The effects of this are monumental.

With over stimulation we loose the ability to be still. We can’t stop thinking. We forget how to stop. We paradoxically need added stimulation, drugs or excitement to relax. Patience disappears. This affects our quality of life, our sense of self, our access to inner wisdom and joy.  But most importantly, we loose our connection to one another and to the greater whole. We fall out of community and our social safety net is torn. We pass this speed onto our children who then speed past us.  

The answer to this is not to slow down technology. We can’t. And shouldn't. So this pressure will only accelerate for all of us because technology is only warming up. We've seen just the beginning of rapid change.  

Instead, there is a clear, practical way through this intensification. We can create a new, slowed down, joyful, wise, connected culture within the existing social relationships that give our life meaning: our friendships, families, schools, businesses and organizations.

In this way, it is our connecting to ourselves and one another that ultimately slows us down; it’s connection that gives us the resiliency to deal with rapid change.

Tej's work shows in great detail how we can utilize the small, ancient, intentional Circle where we come together to reclaim and explore our ability to be present, real, connected and heart-directed with one another. He shows us how we can create resonance in all of our social groups so that we have a way to ride these waves of change into self-transformation and creative community. These Circles themselves become for us ‘A New Kind of Teacher’.

Waking Up with Everyone Around Us
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