Waking Up with Everyone Around Us

by Tej Steiner

Waking Up With everyone Around Us is a practical  step-by-step guide, a personal memoir, and a clear vision of how circle dynamics can transform our culture; all of this blended together to form an alive manuscript that gives you all you need to know about the purpose and power of Heart Circle.

From The Author:

In the past, only a handful of people awakened out of separation and into heart-connection during any given era. We still know the names and revere some of these saints and sages from our past. But today, instead of a handful, there are now millions of people awakening all at once.

This is new.

Something else is new. You and I are included in the millions of people awakening! It’s our time to shine. Literally.

The timing for our collective bloom couldn’t be better. Along with many other reasons, our planet is warming and requires unprecedented heart-centered cooperation to bring her temperature down. Our very survival depends upon our awakening in connection together. 

This book is about heart-awakening, but not in the way you might expect. While I’m interested in ways we can awaken individually, it’s not my primary interest. There are thousands of other teachers and teachings that offer that.

I am not that kind of teacher. My life work centers around a far different question.

I’m interested in how we can transform our existing friendships, families, schools, businesses and organizations so that they support us in heart-awakening rather being what they often are today; social environments that discourage heart-awakening.  

Instead of having to go to yet another weekend workshop, to an ashram or self-help teacher for heart-awakening support, I want us to be able to go to work, to school, to meetings or just stay at home for that same support. I’m interested in how we can transform all of the social groups in our culture so that the culture itself supports our individual transformation.

Doing this can accelerate individual heart-awakening considerably.

But how do we do this? The idea may sound good, but practically speaking, where would we even start with this kind of social make-over? 

This book is about one way we can do this. It comes out my spending forty years facilitating thousands of support circles where I’ve directly experienced the power and wisdom that arises when people sit together with the simple intention to be present and attentive to one another. It’s a way to make any group heart-supportive. It’s called Heart Circle.

Through this book, I want to share with you how Heart Circle works and how you can create and sustain your own Heart Circle.

Waking Up With Everyone Around Us is a new kind of book. And its timely. We are leaving the old pyramidal social structures of hierarchy and dominance and creating new circle structures of cooperation and community.

Heart Circle is a contribution to this movement.

A Passage from the book:

The coming times are already here. The old ways are collapsing to make room for the new. The breakdown in the trends and patterns that have defined our lives can easily produce instability and fear. To truly meet these times, we need the wisdom of several million saints.

Fortunately, plenty of saints have signed up for this—more than enough to handle the job.

What we really need now are circles for the saints to sit in: supportive environments to greet and meet each other: places to huddle together so we can come up with the next play.

A Poem from the book:

Your Time of Hiding

We found the crown

You had hidden so well

And we placed it on your head today.

Your time of hiding is over.

Those countless years

Spent in the crowded market place

Posing as a buyer

Of day-old bread

And spoiled fruit

Have passed.

It’s time to sit upon your throne again.  

You have suffered enough.

You have died more times

Than you can remember.

Your heart is ready to rule.

We’re not asking for your opinion about this.  


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Just finished the book... feeling a lot. Inspired by your willingness to still do this...sit in circle...offer the possibility of others sitting in circle. I feel the part of me that feels a hopelessness. I am not afraid to look at that..to explore the 5 ways of being around that feeling. Immensely grateful for the read...touched so many parts of me...so many experiences, and the longing for new ones. I am an explorer...a wanderer...a lover of truth, and this is a lovely guide to have on that journey.
— Patricia H.
I have been a part of a Men’s Heart Circle for over 3 years. This books explains the reason we continue to do it and why we will continue to participate for the rest of our lives. It’s written by the man that helped us start our group. It’s ideas and “ways of being” are extremely relevant and useful in today’s society. It can be used in everyone’s life and I guarantee you will gain immense perspective from it’s contents. If you only listen or read one thing ever, this is it! Thank you so much for your 6 years of hard work Tej Steiner!
— Bryce Bauer, ACC, CAI-1
No wonder this book took so long to write and rewrite. Now, I can really feel your heart as I read its words. It should be required reading for all on a journey of discovery!
— Stephen
Wow.....I am in awe, and feeling great admiration for what you have expressed in these pages of your book.

I really loved it. I liked its clear expression, simplicity of its telling, it’s setting out and matter of factness plus its functionality. I think it’s a great book, and a wonderful tool to have and keep for self reflection as well as a guide book to begin and run circles. The feeling for me throughout reading was light and actually being able to set up circles seemed very achievable to do.

I think that in a way with some people I have been doing one-on-one circles for a while in its essence without realizing it! Now I just need to put it consciously into agreement with them.

Thank you for writing it and putting it out there!
— Hilary R.
I just finished your book. VERY, very good all the way. Thank you so much for the countless hours you spent creating it in order to let us hear “your voice” in the clearest way you are capable of. I expect to be reading it again soon as I move to create several heart circles.
— Paul
Tej Steiner has written an amazing book about his life’s work in facilitating community, business, family circles. His book is a beautiful sharing of his journey into presence - it is a book filled with poetry (his) and shared distillations of his simple guidelines for achieving authenticity and presence while in the presence of others.
— Pamela D.
I want to support your incredible work!

I took time, writing poetry myself, to read through all your incredible poems! Awe inspiring! Powerful! Beautiful. My favorites are the hawks and looking up at drunk birds flying! Communicating with nature and animals for 20 years, I was laughing with joy and giggling all over! I will now laugh more too, as I see them fly in and out of my yard or in front of my car with such incredibly joy! I never thought of referring to them in this way! Drunk on love! The second was Getting Free. Having raised and loved goats, the image was even more meaningful for me. They certainly would eat whatever you fed them, as some people tend to do at times as well!

I so hope this book ends up in the hands of millions of readers whose gifts they are hungry and thirsty for!

Much love and infinite abundance in all areas of your life where you seek what you desire.
— Morgine J.
I have a client who was traumatized in her job as a maternity nurse by abusive medical practices and bullying by doctors and head nurses. I read her “The Maternity Ward” just now and it opened up a whole new level of releasing for her. Tears and coughing for 20-30 minutes, and I cried too. Amazing poem.
— Paul C.