How to Create and Sustain Your Own Heart Circle
to Oct 14

How to Create and Sustain Your Own Heart Circle

Heart Circle Workshop in Ashland, Oregon.

How to Create and Sustain Your Own Heart Circle with Tej Steiner

Saturday: October 13, 2018 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Optional follow-up workshop for those completing the Saturday session:  

A Heart Circle Experience

Sunday: October 14, 2018 1:00- 5:00


The Heart Circle model provides a powerful way to deepen communication and trust using small, ongoing sustainable circles in which members practice being present, real, connected and heart-directed with one another.

Tej Steiner is the founder of Heart Circle, author of Waking Up With Everyone Around Us, and a longtime member of the Ashland dance community. His model is being used all over the world to build energetic, creative community with people who understand the power of Circle to transform culture and consciousness. 

The Saturday workshop we will experientially cover:

·      The basic steps for starting and sustaining a Heart Circle

·      The agreements between Circle members that create a powerful Circle container

·      How Circle members can stay present with their feelings and wants rather than focusing on opinions and stories

·      How differences and conflict can be used to bring people closer together

·      How a Circle becomes all-member facilitated 

·      8 things that can harm the vitality of your Circle

·      How the Heart Circle model differs from other small group models in a revolutionary way

The (optional) Sunday workshop is for those completing the Saturday course who want to directly experience being in Heart Circle using the information and skills presented on Saturday. 

Reading or listening to Waking Up With Everyone Around Us before the workshop is highly recommended.


Experience how to start and sustain your own Heart Circle! 

Everyone is welcome!

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Location and other details will be provided upon registration


"If you don’t have a strong daily practice to keep you sane and centered in times like these. . . and. . . if you don’t have a small circle if friends or community for mutual support in life, you may want to rethink your game plan!  Both are essential for all of us who want to thrive and serve others on this increasingly wild and bumpy ride!" ~Tej 

"The nourishing field of connection created in a Heart Circle is Lover, Friend, Family member, all rolled into one." ~ Sharon, Ashland, OR


"Tej Steiner's work in the world is a force of nature, and the Heart Circle process an evolutionary staple." ~ Rick, Asheville, NC

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The Essence of Heart Circle & The Five Ways of Being: An Introduction
to Nov 6

The Essence of Heart Circle & The Five Ways of Being: An Introduction

A 4-week Webinar Course

In this 4-week webinar I’ll expand on what I’ve written in Waking Up with Everyone Around Us touching on some of the subtle aspects of The Five Ways of Being and Heart Circle work. There is an ‘energetic’ component to these four sessions. We’ll create a relaxing and enjoyable group field just by being in the course together. The calls will be practical, experiential and through them, I hope you’ll be inspired to experiment with creating your own two-person mini Heart Circle.

Reading the book before the course is required. We'll be able to delve into the material deeper and avoid basic questions like “What’s a Heart Circle?” These live-video calls will be recorded if you miss a session or if you prefer to listen to them in your own time. 

Call in information will provided upon registration.

Essence of Heart Circle & The Five Ways of Being:


October 16, 23, 30

November 6

4:30 - 6:30 p.m. PST



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