Coaching & Consulting

If you have felt drawn to the Five Ways of Being and want personal phone sessions with me or other Heart Circle coaches, let us know so that we can set up an appointment. Reading Waking Up with Everyone Around Us is a pre-requisite for coaching to ensure that session time is utilized more effectively.

The most unique and powerful thing about coaching sessions is what you will experience when you are supported in bringing unrelenting focus on the goodness of your own heart.

My coaching centers around the following essential and ongoing inquiries:

  • What is your purpose for being at any point in time?

  • Can you drop down out of your constantly chattering mind into stillness?

  • Are you free to feel fully, whatever you're feeling?

  • Do you experience your relatedness to others and to the greater whole?

  • What do you truly want in any given moment and does what you want align with your purpose, mind, emotions and connection to others?

All life issues – personal insecurities, relationship questions, work confusion, spiritual longing, family complexities, health problems, lack of prosperity – become entry points into greater wisdom, love and joy. They can be portals into being more clear, present, real, connected and heart-directed. Rather than thinking that something is broken or needs to be fixed, these life issues themselves can bring us into greater understanding and peace. 

My approach, whether with individuals, couples, families, organizations or businesses, centers around holding space for these essential inquiries to surface organically and naturally in their own way.  My focus is not on arriving at a final destination but rather coming into an ever-deepening richness that is accessed together.  

There are no formulaic steps or one-size-fits-all solutions. I don’t pretend to know what is true or best for another. I simply support people in finding their purpose for being, their quiet mind, their full range of feelings, and their empathic nature and heart wisdom.

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Group Coaching

Please contact us regarding pricing for couples, families and other group, coaching sessions.

Life is a group experience.
— Heather Williams

Organizational/Business Consulting

Most schools, businesses and organizations work only fractionally as well as they could for one simple reason: they often pay little attention to the quality of the interconnections between the people working within the organization. This especially includes the interconnection between those in positions of power and those with little or less power. As a result, the organization functions only at the level of people working as a collection of individuals rather everyone working within a unified group where the group field, itself, enhances and supports individual excellence, commitment and cooperation.

I would love to work with you to help you create this group field so that it functions as the heart of your organization. Contact us directly for a free consultation on how we can work together to achieve this.

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