Individual Coaching 

We offer one-on-one Life Coaching sessions for anyone interested in cultivating the specific life skills or enquiries that are important for heart awakening in daily life. Each 60-90 minute session is with Tej or another qualified Heart Circle Life Coach trained by Tej.  

These life skills or ongoing enquiries will be woven into each session according to the what each individual needs and wants: 

1.   Being Present: How can we move out of “constant thinking” into “stillness” whenever we want.‘Thinking’ is for problem solving and is therefore obviously important. But ‘stillness’  and simple ‘presence’ takes us beyond problem solving into wonder, gratitude, wisdom, beauty, connection with others, peace, courage and enjoyment. Non-stop thinking and mental chatter keeps us from our own stillness. The current culture is organized around constant thinking and mental stimulation which is why most people can’t find sustainable happiness within it. We can support you finding your own effortless pathinto the stillness that your heart longs for.

2.   Being Clear: Finding our purpose in life and then infusing what we do in any given day with that purpose is essential to heart-awakening.  In our culture, there is generally little support given to this exploration. We support you in discovering your own purpose so that you can better fulfill that purpose in your daily life.  

3.   Being Real: One of the most important skills in life is being able to “track” your inner emotional landscape so that you know what you are actually feeling in any given moment.For you to be honest with yourself and others, you have to be able to witness your own mental and emotional states. We ‘hold space’ for you while you increase your capacity to feel your emotions, give them healthy expression and thus tap into the wisdom of what your feelings are telling you. 

4.   Being Connected: We are all equally challenged with the task of coming out of the ‘terrible myth of separation’; the misperception that we are disconnected from others and from Life, itself. Coming into connection is intimately linked to receiving love. As heart-awakening coaches, we hold a field of love with you so that you can explore any resistance you may have to being in that field. We also know that you already are where you are trying to be. 

5.   Being Heart-Directed: Knowing what you truly want in any moment rather than what you are conditioned to want is crucial for happiness.We support you in becoming clear, present, real and connected so that you can more easily find and follow where your heart leads you from moment to moment.  Heart Direction is about developing sensitivity to what you truly want rather than what your mental and social conditioning tells you that you should want. 

 Even though these ‘Five Ways of Being’ provide a framework for Heart Circle coaching, each session is unique and non-formulaic. We follow your exploration of these life enquiries rather than imposing them on you.  

Cost: USD $125 per session 

Coaching for Couples

We also offer coaching for couples. We support you in organizing your relationship around being more clear about the purpose of your partnership, being more present with one another, being real about what you are feeling, more open to receiving love from the other, and encouraging each other to follow your hearts rather than the expectations and conditionings that come with the more traditional, non-intentional partnering. 

Cost USD $150 per session

In both individual and couple’s Heart Circle Coaching, we ask for a commitment of four sessions after the first exploratory session.  

Organizational Consulting

Heart Circle and The Five Ways of Being: being Clear, Present, Real, Connected and Heart-Directed, can be thought of as an operating system through which any organization can create a powerful Heart-centered environment for all the members of that organization. Installing this system requires that members first come to a common understanding of what these Ways of Being are, then agree to practice them with one another while together within the organization.

If you belong to an organization and want to talk about how this works, please schedule a free consultation.