Heart Circles

Heart Circle is made up of 2-8 people you like and trust. These people could be a group of your friends, family members, school mates or work colleagues. You meet regularly either weekly or bi-monthly for one to two hours. The Circle starts off being facilitated by someone who is experienced in how Heart Circle works, but it is designed to function as an all-member facilitated group without a specific, designated facilitator. 

What is the purpose of Heart Circle?

Heart Circle provides a social environment that encourages our waking up out of the illusion that we are alone and disconnected from life and one another. It is designed to bring us into the safety and enjoyment of the ‘present moment’ together.  As this occurs we relax more deeply and have greater access to the subtle longings of our heart rather than the conditioning of our minds. Knowing what we truly want provides us with moment-to-moment life direction. As we become more present with each other, mutual trust awakens, our strategic defenses melt and we open to love. 

Community emerges out of this.  Having community gives us a way to live with personal integrity, joy and strength during these rapidly changing times.

Central to Heart Circle is the idea that awakening is not a solitary endeavor. Awakening is always a relational process because we awaken with others, to others and with the support of others. It’s about waking up with everyone around us!

How does Heart Circle differ from other circle models?

There are many excellent circles models. Some circles emphasize some form of sacred ritual or prayer. Some are designed for processing trauma or moving beyond addiction. Others form councils in which community consensus can be reached. Still others explore a specific set of teachings by a specific teacher. 

Heart Circle emphasizes ‘personal presence’ and using the group field to give participants greater access to their own inner guidance. Heart Circle is also ‘neutral’ in that the Circle process doesn’t formally incorporate into it any specific set of teachings or beliefs. It is about coming into ‘Now’ together so that we have access to insights and direction that only is available when we are truly ‘present’ with one another.

What are some of the primary advantages of being In Heart Circle?

Heart Circle allows us to relax with others in the present moment, to move beyond surface chatter and small talk into naturally authentic communication.

It gives us a reliable way to deal with conflict, third party talk, dominating personalities, and hidden agendas; the things that cripple many of the relationships and groups that we are currently a part of.

Each Circle experience is unique; never the same. This is because the Circle format supports our innate spontaneity, our intuitive insights, our innocence and shared vulnerabilities. It is a place to see others and be seen as we are without pretense or defense. 

Being in Circle has this amazing way of being profound and fun at the same time.

Heart Circle helps us develop personal sovereignty and strong boundaries while becoming more open and connected to others.

It is a place to create friendships and relationships in which we can count on one another in crisis, in celebration, and everything in between.

More than anything else, Heart Circle provides us with group support during Circle to become more clear, present, real, connected and heart-directed in daily life outside of Circle.

Who do I start a Heart Circle with?

A Heart Circle can be formed in any area of your social life:

  • Close Friendships - Existing friends make the best Heart Circle members!

  • Committed Partnerships - There’s a natural marriage between Heart Circle and primary relationships. Spending an hour each week in Circle with your primary partner can dramatically enrich any partnered union.

  • Families - A family is a heart circle! Weekly or bi-monthly family Heart Circle can be formed to find out what each person in the family is feeling and wanting in order to be healthier and happier in the family.

  • Men’s and Women’s Groups - Something quite powerful happens when men are in circle with other men and women in circle with other women. Heart Circle utilizes this power to increase a greater sense of sisterhood and brotherhood.

  • Churches and Temples - Most churches and temples resonate with the Heart Circle purpose: to intentionally create an ongoing, enjoyable social environment that supports each person in becoming more present, real, heart-directed, and connected in daily life and with one another. It’s a natural fit.

  • Businesses - It is common sense to say that when people within a business are allowed to work from their passion, rather than from just putting in time, and when everyone within the business is communicating more openly and honestly, the business will have a much better chance of flourishing. Heart Circle can help manifest this.

  • Schools - All children deserve to have a safe place within the school environment to express what they are feeling and wanting, to talk about their relationships with classmates and teachers, and to learn how to follow their own hearts around what they are inspired to learn. 

  • Prisons - We will look back fifty years from now and wonder how we allowed prisons in their current form to ever exist. Until that time, the Heart Circle process can serve people who are serving time.

  • Organizations - Many people within NGO’s and not for profit organizations are already aligned perfectly with the Heart Circle model that supports heart-awakening.

  • Spiritual Communities - Most spiritual organizations are organized around one teacher or a specific set of teachings. These groups rarely utilize the synergistic power of individuals connecting with one another within their organization. Heart Circle helps transform any spiritual organization interested in moving from a pyramidal model to a circular model.  

Can you form a Heart Circle using the Internet?

While it is ideal to be in the physical presence of one another, Heart Circle can also happen through teleconferencing calls or through various Internet platforms such as Zoom.  They still work beautifully long distance as long as people can see and hear one another in real time.

How do I find out more about the function and format of Heart Circle?

Order Tej Steiner’s ‘Waking Up With Everyone Around Us’ in print, audio and e-book formats. It will answer all of your questions about Heart Circle.

Sign up for The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience. It will give you a direct experience of Heart Circle!

Any other questions?

Browse the rest of the site and/or send an email to connect@heartcircle.com or use the contact form.



The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience

How do I prepare for my Heart Circle Experience?

Bring your curiosity,  open-heart but also any skepticism you may have. 

Before enrolling in the Experience, reading Waking Up With Everyone Around Us is recommended and will give you understanding of how Heart Circle works.

How do I enroll in the 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience Heart Circle?

Once you enroll in your particular 8-member Experience session, we will send you simple instructions on how to connect via a Zoom video call that can be accessed through your cell phone or computer anywhere in the world. (this needs more thought)

Does it matter if I don’t know any of the seven other people participating in the Experience with me? 

Not at all. In fact, it will give you the experience of how any group of people can come into resonance with one another in a very short time while in the safe container of Heart Circle. 

You also have the option of enrolling with one other or up to seven other friends, family members, or associates to have this Experience with people you already know.

During the 3-Hour Experience, is there any pressure to participate in anything I may not want to participate in?

Absolutely not. You will be encouraged to participate only to the degree that you want to. You participate on your terms, rather than the group terms. This is fundamental to Heart Circle. 

Is there value in enrolling in this Experience if I don’t want to go any further with Heart Circle once I complete it? 

Yes! The Experience is designed as a ‘stand-alone’ event. You will get ideas and insights about how you can transform your relationships and social groups that are applicable to any social situation with or without being in an ongoing Heart Circle. 

Will I be able to find a 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience time slot that fits my time zone?

Yes. There are plenty of time choices so that you don’t have to do this Experience in the wee hours of the morning or during work. 

What is the cost of the 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience?

$80 USD

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The 8-Week Heart Circle Training

The purpose of this training is to give you the means to create and sustain your own ongoing, small, Heart Circle that supports your personal awakening. It’s to convey that Heart Circle is a way of life; an ever-deepening journey into personal presence and conscious community. 

What are some of the course particulars? 

  • It’s available for anyone who has completed The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience.

  • It consists of eight, weekly, 2-hour sessions using Zoom video technology so that everyone can participate. There will be a balanced mix of experiential and theoretical learning. 

  • Each session is designed to move at a pace that’s comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the course. Input, questions and feedback are welcome at any time.  

  • Reading or listening to Waking Up With Everyone Around Us, is strongly recommended. There will also be suggested ‘homework’ in between sessions that is recommended but never required. 

What topics do we cover?

We will explore these inquiries together: 

  • What does it actually mean to create a ‘resonant field’ within a group so that the group ends up supporting heart-connection and presence? 

  • What are the agreements that we can intentionally make with one another to create this social resonance? 

  • How are the Five Ways of Being universal elements that show up in in both personal growth and the creation of healthy community? 

  • What is the actual Heart Circle process and how can it be shared with others who want to be in Heart Circle with you? 

  • What are the three major pitfalls that all relationships and social groups must avoid? 

  • What do you need to know to facilitate a Heart Circle until the group becomes able to facilitate itself? 

  • How do the two questions of what are you feeling and what do you want help deal with conflict, differences and personal wounding?

  • Why must a Heart Circle be kept ‘neutral’; free of specific teachings or formats so that simply ‘being present’ and the Circle agreements guide what happens next in any Heart Circle.  

  • How does what happens in Heart Circle create heart-opening support for each circle member life outside of Circle? 

By the end of the 8-week course, will I be able to start my own Heart Circle? 

Yes. However, it’s recommended that Heart Circle begin with just two and sometimes three people. It’s much easier to concentrate on the Heart Circle process without having to deal with the more complex dynamics of a larger group. Once you have the experience of being in Circle with one or two others, you can invite more members into the Circle.

If you already have circle experience, you will be able to start a Heart Circle with a larger number of people.  

What if I miss one or two of the eight sessions? 

Sessions will be video-recorded so that missing a session because of travel or other plans will not diminish your overall experience of this training. However, missing more than two sessions will decrease what you receive from the training. The recordings do not replicate the ‘now-time’ experience of the live sessions mostly because you are not actively a part of that session!

How often is this training offered?

A new course will begin every month. Each month will have a different starting time so that it will better fit into your time zone regardless of where you live in the world.

Will we be functioning as an actual Heart Circle during these sessions so that if personal issues arise, time can be taken to address them? 

No. This is a training and we will not be creating a container capable of addressing personal issues. We will be learning how to create that safe container rather than acting as a safe container. However, we will work with what arises during the eight sessions so that everyone has an idea of what can come up in any Circle.

Is there an advantage to enrolling in this course with a friend or family member? 

Yes! Particularly if you want to start a Heart Circle with that person(s). Sign up with whomever you want to wake up with around you.

What is the cost?

$280 USD

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The 6-Month Heart Circle Facilitator Apprenticeship

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Individual and Couples Coaching

We offer one-on-one Life Coaching sessions for anyone interested in cultivating the specific life skills or inquiries that are important for heart awakening in daily life. Each 60-90 minute session is with Tej or another qualified Heart Circle Life Coach trained by Tej.   T


What is the focus of these sessions?

These The Five Ways of Being are life skills or ongoing inquiries that will be woven into any given session according to the what each individual needs and wants:

  1. Being Clear: Finding our purpose in life and then infusing what we do in any given day with that purpose is essential to heart-awakening.  In our culture, there is generally little support given to this exploration. We support you in discovering your own purpose so that you can better fulfill that purpose in your daily life.

  2. Being Present: How can we move out of “constant thinking” into “stillness” whenever we want? ‘Thinking’ is for problem solving and obviously important. But ‘stillness’  and simple ‘presence’ takes us beyond problem solving into wonder, gratitude, wisdom, beauty, connection with others, peace, courage and enjoyment. Non-stop thinking and mental chatter keeps us from our own stillness. The current culture is organized around constant thinking and mental stimulation which is why most people can’t find sustainable happiness within it. We support you finding your own effortless path into the stillness that your heart longs for.

  3. Being Real: One of the most important skills in life is being able to “track” your inner emotional landscape so that you know what you are actually feeling in any given moment. For you to be honest with yourself and others, you have to be able to witness your own mental and emotional states. We ‘hold space’ for you while you increase your capacity to feel your emotions, give them healthy expression and thus tap into the wisdom of what your feelings are telling you.

  4. Being Connected: We are all equally challenged with the task of coming out of the ‘terrible myth of separation’; the misperception that we are disconnected from others and from Life, itself. Coming into connection is intimately linked to receiving love. As heart-awakening coaches, we hold a field of love with you so that you can explore any resistance you may have to being in that field. We also know that you already are where you are trying to be.

  5. Being Heart-Directed: Knowing what you truly want in any moment rather than what you are conditioned to want is crucial for happiness. We support you in becoming clear, present, real and connected so that you can more easily find and follow where your heart leads you from moment to moment.  Heart Direction is about developing sensitivity to what you truly want rather than what your mental and social conditioning tells you that you should want.

Even though these ‘Five Ways of Being’ provide a framework for Heart Circle coaching, each session is unique and non-formulaic. We follow your exploration of these life inquiries rather than imposing them on you. 

Can I sign up for just one session?

Anyone can sign up for an individual coaching session. After that initial session, we ask for a commitment of four sessions booked over whatever time period serves you.

What is the cost?

$125 USD per session (per hour)




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