To truly meet these times in which we live we need the wisdom of several million saints. Fortunately, there are plenty of saints signed up for this task; more than enough to handle the job. What is really needed now are Circles for these saints to sit in: ongoing environments to greet and meet each other, places to ‘huddle’ together so we can come up with the next play.
— Tej Steiner


Most of us reading these words right now, have been consciously exploring some form of spirituality or greater-awareness for a while now.  What’s true for most of us is that instead of being supported by the mainstream culture in this exploration, the culture has often been the primary obstacle to it. Our families, schools, political parties, businesses, even circle of friends and most religious organizations have not been very spiritual-journey-friendly.

What if our families, schools and businesses became our primary locus of support and encouragement instead of the locus of resistance and discouragement? What if these groups themselves had such strong, connective energetic fields within them that just by entering them we would feel greater love and creative inspiration?

Whether we are aware of it or not, every group is organized around agreements, requirements, intentions, expectations, taboos and rules that its members adhere to in order to join or remain in the group. They’re what allow the group to function as a group.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of groups, most of these agreements and rules are pre-imposed, hidden and closed to any meaningful discussion about them. As a result, members aren't afforded an opportunity to look at or share why they are in that particular group, what they want from being in it or how they would wish the group to function. There tend to be all kinds of differing assumptions and conflicting desires operating underneath the surface of almost every family, business, circle of friends, classroom and social organization.

When a group creates room for members to make intentional agreements with one another around purpose and process, the dynamics of that group radically change the moment those clear agreements are in place. Everything changes.

What changes most centers around one profound group agreement: 

Everyone in the group agrees that they want to connect with one another and support each other’s desire to be more open-hearted and aware.

When this living agreement is in place, the group begins to change instantly. Group members begin to feel like it is their group: their family, their business, their school. They take ownership of it in a healthy way. People begin to feel freer to show up as they are rather than as they are expected to be. They can relax, speak openly and be direct and real with one another. Differences are honored and encouraged rather than feared or suppressed. Third party talk, gossip, backbiting, power playing and harmful inter-group rivalry are replaced with a very different kind of co-creative environment.   

More than anything else, bringing these basic agreements out of hiding and into an open arena encourages people to connect with one another before taking action so that the actions taken are in harmony with everyone’s aligned intent.

There is no limit to the possibilities for change when our social groups transform like this. There is inherent power within every group’s energetic field. When we know how to intentionally expand this field through our heart connections with one another, we not only transform individually, but the group itself is radically transformed. The group field becomes a resonant, positive force in the world; a field that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

For those who are drawn to the possibilities of social transformation, there is the task at hand of learning how to intentionally go about doing this. In the same way that individual transformation has required our clear intention, grit, wisdom, practice and practical know-how, the transformation of our social groups requires the same dedicated intent. 

This is a new edge for those of us who are drawn to walk it. What’s wonderfully amazing about this edge is that while we may be thinking that we will be doing this alone, we will have a whole lot of fellow edge-walkers walking hand in hand with us. Group transformation, by definition, comes with the power and enjoyment of group connection.