This Is Heart Circle

There are literally thousands and thousands of teachers and teachings from all parts of the world that give us ways to awaken individually. All of these teachers and teachings organize around how we, as individuals,can become healthy, happy, and holy. Even if people live and practice together, the focus is still usually on the individual. Most members of ashrams, churches, weekend workshops, and group pilgrimages to holy sites are still focused on the question, “How can I awaken?”, rather than, “How can we support one another so that we awaken together?” The focus has been on my body, my emotions, my health, my diet, and my consciousness. There is nothing wrong with this me-centered paradigm. It is as it should be. 

However, there is an entirely new paradigm beginning to supplement the me-centered spiritual paradigm. The new paradigm organizes around weas well as me.Its organizational structure is the circle. 

In the spiritual circle, emphasis is on creating a group fieldin which the intelligence, longing, empathy, dedication, commitment, and wisdom of each individual is unified with every other individual. The circle field, itself, can then become the teacher. 

Instead of one special teacher or one specific set of teachings being solely responsible for uplifting the frequency of the individual, the circle can become an environment strong enough to uplift everyone within it. This replaces reliance on that person or teaching. It also can inspire individual and collective sovereignty. This revision of spirituality is radically new. It opens up the possibility for exponential personal and collective change! 

In the very center of the paradigm shift from me to we, is the opportunity for transforming our primary relationships, families, schools, businesses, organizations and even our nations, so that these existing groups provide the spiritual support we once solely found in the ashram, congregation, or inspirational workshop. 

 Instead of having to leave our existing groups to find support for our awakening, we can learn how to create the spiritual support we need within them. Who needs to live in an ashram when we have friends that know how to create a circle field as powerful as an ashram? What can a guru add when a community works together to create a school devoted to the heart-awakening of every student, teacher and administrator within it?  What happens when a nation can transform so that its core function is to support every citizen’s desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? 

Heart Circle Defined

I created Heart Circle to provide a social environment  that encourages our waking up out of the illusion that we are alone and disconnected from life and one another. It is designed to bring us into the safety and enjoyment of the ‘present moment’ together.  As this occurs we relax more deeply and have greater access to the subtle longings of our heart rather than the conditioning of our minds. Knowing what we truly want provides us with moment-to-moment life direction. As we become more present with each other, mutual trust awakens, our strategic defenses melt and we open to love. 

Community emerges out of this.  Having community gives us a way to live with personal integrity, joy and strength during these rapidly changing times. 

Heart Circle is made up of 2-8 people you like and trust. These people could be a group of your friends, family members, school mates or work colleagues. You meet regularly either weekly or bi-monthly for one to two hours. The Circle starts off being facilitated by someone who is experienced in how Heart Circle works, but they are designed to function without a specific facilitator. 

The purpose of the Circle is to mutually support one another in being more present, open-hearted, aware and awake in Life by practicing being that with everyone in Circle. Heart Circle uses a special group format that supports the cultivation of this kind of ‘relational presence’.  

It’s important to note what a Heart Circle is not. It isn’t a psychology-based emotional processing group, nor is it an action group with specific goals, or a group that forms around any specific teaching modality or set of beliefs.  It's not a generalized support or recovery group. 

Central to Heart Circle is the idea that awakening is not a solitary endeavor. Awakening is always a relational processbecause we awaken with others, to others and with the support of others! It’s about waking up with everyone around us!


"My organization uses Tej’s Heart Circle model as an essential foundational element and without it, the experience I offer my clients would be far less powerful. I can’t express enough how important this work is in today’s world. Tej is a master visionary and one of the most skilled small group trainers I have encountered during my eighteen years of study in this area."

- Christian Pankhurst: Founder, Heart IQ

Advantages of Being in Heart Circle 

Heart Circles are quite amazing, not because of what we dowhile we’re in them, but because of what we can observe and consciously experience while in them. And what we observe and experience is our own life: our thought patterns, emotional responses, desires and beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, and insights as to how we relate to others. In Heart Circle, we receive a fractal reflection back to us of what is happening in our life and in ourselves, so we can adjust accordingly. This increased awareness gives us a growing sense of individual sovereignty, as well as greater sensitivity to our connection with others. 


These are a few of the benefits of being in your own ongoing Heart Circle:

Heart Circle allows us to relax with others in the present moment, to move beyond surface chatter and small talk into naturally authentic communication.

It gives us a reliable way to deal with conflict, third party talk, dominating personalities, and hidden agendas; the things that cripple many of the relationships and groups that we are currently a part of. 

Each Circle experience is unique; never the same. This is because the Circle format supports our innate spontaneity, our intuitive insights, our innocence and shared vulnerabilities. It is a place to see others and be seen as we are without pretense or defense.  

 Being in Circle has this amazing way of being profound and fun at the same time. 

“Tej is the true manifestation of heart. I am so very grateful for his compassionate, real and accepting presence as well as all the wisdom he generously shares with so many. I encourage everyone who wants to live a heart-directed, awakened life to spend time in the presence of Tej Steiner and of a heart circle.”

- Dennis Rodriguez, author of The Super Human Effect

”I have been doing heart circles with Tej for the last five years. I could not possible say enough about how grateful I am, and all the ways this practice has enriched my life and those around me. I feel it is the foundation to healthy relations, whether it is with families, friends, organizations, marriages or most importantly with yourself. It is a new set point into our evolution by learning how to embody who we truly are, giving it all permission to be and to be loved.”

- Acacia Land 

”Tej has created a proven process that transforms lives through group interaction. These processes are now in a transferable format that can be taught to therapists, life coaches, councilors, and ministers. His techniques are applicable to individuals, small groups, and larger organizations. The Heart Circle Network will flourish as he trains these group leaders to create more and more heart circles around the world.”

- Grant, Phoenix, OR

“Heart Circle has been my ongoing reminder to stay curious, open hearted, and to feel my connection to the collective experience.”

- Jade Hawkes, Ashland, OR

Heart Circle helps us develop personal sovereignty and strong boundaries while becoming more open and connected to others. 

It is a place to create friendships and relationships in which we can count on one another in crisis, in celebration, and everything in between. 

Heart Circle gives us palpable access to the circle field of our combined energies, wisdom, and empathic sensitivity to one another. The Circle becomes a teacher as we learn to read and feel this energetic field. 

Heart Circle shows us how community is created and how it can be sustained and while ever changing into what each person longs it to be.  

An ongoing Heart Circle provides us with a social safety net in these wildly shifting times. 

More than anything else, it provides a social environment that encourages our waking upout of the illusion that we are alone and disconnected from life and one another. Ultimately, Heart Circle is about waking up with everyone around us! 

I have just segued to my book. If you want to understand what Heart Circle is and how it functions, this is where we go next!


The Heart Circle Book: Waking Up With Everyone Around Us