The Book

Waking Up With Everyone Around Us is a revolutionary work. It is instrumental in understanding and mapping how we are moving from a pyramidal masculine model of awakening to a circular feminine model.    

Tej Steiner spent forty years re-searching and writing this Heart Circle book. His research was experiential; exploring his own ongoing awakening process while facilitating thousands of Heart Circles over four decades. His writing is inspiring, clarifying, and simplifying; offering  clear direction and the practical know-how needed for all of us to start and sustain our own Heart Circle so that we can support one another  ‘waking up with everyone around us’.

Available in print, digital and audio formats. In the USA: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible. In Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia and elsewhere throughout the world, please visit the Amazon site for your region. (Only the print format is available from the Heart Circle website.)