The Courses & Coaching


The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience

It may be commercially tempting to say that starting your own Heart Circle is easy. It’s not. Like creating anything of value, there is both an art and science to it. Learning how Heart Circles function effectively takes training and considerable trial and error experimentation over time.

Because it does require time and effort, it’s important to have a direct experience of what a Heart Circle is before deciding whether or not you want to learn how to create one.

Welcome to the 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience!

This is a real-time, introduction to Heart Circle that is personally facilitated by Tej. Each Experience occurs either in person or through a Zoom video conference call. The first thirty minutes are spent talking about the Heart Circle format and its basic agreements. The remaining time is spent exploring the Heart Circle process! By the end of the three hours, you will know whether Heart Circle is or isn’t a fit for you because you will have experienced for yourself the power and enjoyment of this process. Learn more …

The 8-Week Heart Circle Training

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create and sustain their own ongoing Heart Circle! It consists of eight weekly 2-hour sessions, using Zoom video technology so that everyone, anywhere in the world, can participate. There will be a balanced mix of experiential and theoretical sharing. It is designed for people who are just beginning their spiritual journey as well as for those with years of spiritual practice.

Tej Steiner facilitates each training. A new course begins every month with varying starting times so that it will fit into your time zone regardless of where you live.

You deserve to be in your own Heart Circle! The Times are calling us into deeper and deeper connection and love. Learn more …

the 6-month heart circle facilitator apprenticeship

This in depth training with Tej Steiner is for therapists, community leaders or those people who deeply resonate with Heart Circle and want to take a deep dive into The Five Ways of Being and Transformational Group Dynamics. Programs begin in March and September each year. Application and interview are required. Learn more …

Individual and Couples Coaching

We offer one-on-one individual or couples sessions for those interested in cultivating the life skills that are important for heart awakening in daily life. Each 60-90 minute session is uniquely tailored to the individual or couple wanting to explore The Five Ways of Being: being Clear about life purpose, Present in the moment, emotionally Real, Connected in love, and better able to follow Heart-Directed guidance. Learn more …

Organizational Consulting

Heart Circle and The Five Ways of Being (being Clear, Present, Real, Connected and Heart-Directed) can be thought of as a social operating system through which any organization can create a powerful, heart-centered environment for all members of that organization. Learn more…


Heart Circle has been my ongoing reminder to stay curious, open hearted, and to feel my connection to the collective experience.
— Michael Henderson, Phoenix, AZ