We Are Awakening

For thousands of years, there have only been a handful of individuals in any given time or place that have awakened into Oneness and Love. We often refer to them as saints, sages, and teachers.

Today, something profoundly new is occurring. Instead of a handful of people awakening within any given culture, there are now millions of people awakening all at once in every part of the world.

This has not happened before!

The Emergence of Heart Circle

There are literally thousands of teachings from all parts of the world that give us ways to awaken individually. They organize around how we, as individuals, can make this leap into Love. The focus has been on my body, my emotions, my practice and my consciousness. The organizational structure is the pyramid.

An entirely new paradigm is just beginning to arise in the world today. It organizes around wakening up together. Its organizational structure is the circle.

Heart Circle, as created by Tej Steiner, is a specific new form of circle designed to facilitate the emergence of  a group field in which the intelligence, longing, empathy, dedication, commitment, and wisdom of each individual is unified with every other individual. In Heart Circle, the circle field, itself, becomes the teacher.

All about Heart Circle …


Tej Steiner


Tej Steiner is the creator of Heart Circle and author of the Heart Circle book, Waking Up With Everyone Around Us. He was a Kundalini yoga teacher and the Canadian director of The 3HO Foundation from 1971 to 1985. He went on to study circle dynamics from 1986 until 1990 and since then has been facilitating circles all over the world. His Heart Circle model evolved out of the thousands of circles he has sat in over the years. He is a social visionary and pioneer in using the ancient wisdom circle for personal and social transformation.