We offer trainings in how you can intentionally bring your family members, friends or work colleagues into greater presence and heart-connection with one another.   

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What is a Heart Circle?

It’s being in your own small, ongoing support group with people you trust…

It’s a practical way of creating and sustaining community…

It’s a process that supports you in becoming fully present...

Ultimately, it’s a way of life.

We offer two easy, enjoyable ways to find out more about Heart Circle: 

The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience and

the Heart Circle book: Waking up with Everyone Around Us


The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience

Like music or a walk in the woods, Heart Circles are almost impossible to describe in words. They must be experienced!

The Three Hour Heart Circle Experience is designed to give you that experience!


The Book

Waking Up With Everyone Around Us

by Tej Steiner

A practical step-by-step guide, a personal memoir, a clear vision of how circle dynamics can transform our culture all blended together to form an alive manuscript that gives you all you need to know about the purpose and power of Heart Circle.