The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience

What Exactly Is a ‘Heart Circle’?

Being in your own small, ongoing support group with people you love and trust…

A new way of creating and sustaining community…

A process that supports you in becoming fully present...

Ultimately, it’s a way of life. 
These are a few words about what Heart Circle is. At the same time, what it actually is can’t be conveyed in words. It’s like trying to describe music. Or a walk in the woods. 

It must be experienced!

Being in a Heart Circle

While the Heart Circle can’t be fully described, there arewords to describe some of the advantages of being in a weekly or bi-monthly Heart Circle: 

·     Heart Circle allows us to relax with others into the present moment, to move beyond surface chatter and small talk into naturally authentic communication.

·     It gives us a reliable way to deal with conflict, third party talk, dominating personalities, and hidden agendas; the things that cripple many of the relationships and groups that we are currently a part of. 

·     Each Circle experience is unique; never the same. This is because the Circle format supports our innate spontaneity, our intuitive insights, our innocence and shared vulnerabilities. It is a place to see others and be seen as we are without pretense or needing to hide. 

·     Being in Circle has this amazing way of being profound and fun at the same time. 

·     Heart Circle helps us develop personal sovereignty and strong boundaries while becoming more open and connected to others.  

·     It is a place to create friendships and relationships in which we can count on one another in crisis, in celebration, and everything in between.  

·     Heart Circle gives us palpable access to the circle fieldof our combined energies, wisdom, and empathic sensitivity to one another. The Circle becomes a teacher as we learn to read and feel this energetic field. 

·     Heart Circle shows us how community is created and how it can be sustained and while ever changing.    

·     An ongoing Heart Circle provides us with a social safety net in these wildly shifting times. 

·     More than anything else, it provides a social environment  that encourages our waking upout of the illusion that we are alone and disconnected from life and one another. Ultimately, Heart Circle is simply about our supporting one another in the opening of our hearts.


“Heart Circle has been my ongoing reminder to stay curious, open hearted, and to feel my connection to the collective experience.”

— Jade Hawkes, Ashland, OR


The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience



We are offering this Experience so that you can find what being in a Heart Circle actually is beforedeciding if you want to learn how to start your own ongoing Heart Circle!  


Here are some details about The Three-Hour Heart Circle Experience:


The creator of Heart Circle, Tej Steiner, personally facilitates every Heart Circle Experience. 


Each Experience is limited to only eight people! This will provide you with plenty of space to ask questions, give feedback and participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with.  


No specific beliefs or prior group experience is needed to participate. Just show up as you are. 


Tej will spend the first 30 minutes talking about the Heart Circle format and its basic agreements so that everyone’s on the same page. We'll spend the remaining 150 minutes in the Circle experience itself. 


This 3-Hour Experience is offered in person orthrough a Zoom video call that allows each person to see and interact with one another directly from wherever you are in the world. 


The Three-Hour Heart Circle Experience is affordable: USD$95.00 and risk free. If you don’t receive the value you wanted from your experience, we will happily refund your money immediately!  


You have the option of enrolling individually or you canencourage your partner, some of your friends, family members, or colleagues to enroll with you so that you fill part or all of the eight spots with people you know! Either way works. Organizations are also welcome! 


Frequently Asked Questions about The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience


How do I connect through the web if I'm joining a Heart Circle remotely?

Once you enroll in your particular 8-member Experience session, we will send you easy instructions for how to connect via a Zoom video call that can be accessed through  your cell phone or computer. 


How do I prepare for my Heart Circle Experience?

Bring your skepticism, your curiosity and your open-heart. 

You can also read Tej’s book, Waking Up With Everyone Around Usin order to get a deeper sense of how Heart Circles work. It’s recommended to read it before the session but not required. 


Does it matter if I don’t know any of the seven other people participating in the Experience with me? 

Not at all. In fact, it will give you the experience of how any group of people can come into resonance with one another in a very short time while in the safe container of Heart Circle. That’s what it is all about: experience how group resonance can be created within a Mass Culture that rarely teaches or values this. 


What kind of people can I expect to meet?

People who are probably very much like you. People who want to show up more in Life. Be seen. Make a difference. Offer their unique gifts to the world. Be fully present.  


Is a Heart Circle Experience a safe space for people of all races / genders / cultural backgrounds?

Heart Circle is designed to bring out and honor differences rather than trying to homogenize them into some set of common beliefs or practices. Its purpose is to bolster personal sovereignty within community. 


Is there value in participating in this Experience even if I don’t want to do anything else with Heart Circle? 

Great Value. This experience is designed as a ‘stand-alone’ event. You will get ideas about how we can transform our relationships using the principles of Heart Circle that are applicable to any social situation with or without being in an ongoing Heart Circle. 


What if I’ve had previous experience in other kinds of Circles? What makes Heart Circle different from these? 

There are many excellent circles models. Some circles emphasize some form of sacred ritual or prayer. Some are designed for processing trauma or moving beyond addiction. Others form councils in which community consensus can be reached. Still others explore a specific set of teachings by a specific teacher. Heart Circles emphasize ‘personal presence’ and using the group field to give participants greater access to their own inner guidance. Heart Circles are also ‘neutral’ in that they don’t incorporate any specific set of teachings or beliefs. They are about coming into Now together. They are about each person finding their own heart-guidance. 


Will I be able to find a Heart Circle time slot that fits my time zone? 

Yes. There are plenty of time choices so that you don’t have to do this at 2:00 in the morning or during your work hours. 



Can I get my money back if the Heart Circle Experience wasn’t valuable to me?

Yes. At the end of the 3-Hour Experience, you just have to say, “Refund”. We’ll refund you the full amount the same day. No questions asked. 


What’s the next step if I want to learn how to from a Heart Circle after the Experience? 

We offer an 8-Week Heart Circle Training on line and in weekend workshops. These are designed to both study and experience in depth how to expand your daily personal Heart-Presence practice while learning how to create your own Heart Circle.