The 6-Month Heart Circle Facilitator Apprenticeship

The 6-Month Heart Circle Facilitator Apprenticeship


This in depth training with Tej Steiner is for therapists, community leaders or those people who deeply resonate with Heart Circle and want to take a deep dive into The Five Ways of Being and Transformational Group Dynamics. Programs begin in October and April each year. Application and interview are required. 

This 6-month program is a life-changer! More details below.

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This apprenticeship has two primary areas of focus:

  1. Creating a strong, personal, daily practice involving diet, exercise, meditation, opening to love, enjoyment, relaxation, self-care and the ongoing application of The Five Ways of Being (being Clear, Present, Real, Connected, and Heart-Directed).

  2. Exploring how to create resonant space with individual clients and groups using Transformational Group Dynamics and Heart Circle.

Tej works with participants both individually and in groups.

Completing this 6-Month Apprenticeship offers an opportunity to radically increase your coaching and group facilitation skills while supporting you in your own transformational process.

As Heart Circles continue to form throughout the world, there will be a need for Heart Circle facilitators. This training will help train people who are interested in this ‘field’ of work. However, this apprenticeship is not limited to people interested in Heart Circle. It’s also for anyone who has their own vision, modality and service mandate and wants an in depth dive into Transformational Group Dynamics as developed over forty years by Tej.


What do I need to qualify for enrolling in this Apprenticeship?

You need to know that you are supposed to be enrolled in it! Then, in an interview with Tej, you both need to come into agreement about this.

That’s pretty well it. Life will take care of rest.


Does completing this 6-Month program qualify me to officially facilitate Heart Circles?

No. Taking the course helps you know how to facilitate Heart Circles but does not automatically certify you to do so.

As a training organization, Heart Circle does not certify facilitators or teachers. It does allow certain coaches and facilitators to use the name ‘Heart Circle’ in their work. Even though this is a form of certification, the difference is that going through the 6-Month Apprenticeship does not automatically entitle anyone completing it to use the Heart Circle name.

Is this 6-Month Apprenticeship designed to be enjoyable?


In the English language, we don’t have a word yet for work-that-is-so-in-harmony-with-things-that-it-transcends-the-words-work-and-play. This course is designed to be that not-yet word.


What does the 6-Month Apprenticeship consist of?

Part of the Apprenticeship is working with Tej to design together an individualized program that fits your needs and level of previous training. No program is the same even though there will group training incorporated into each participants program design. More detailed information is available for those people seriously interested in applying.

Please contact us for more information if you have further questions or to schedule an interview.