Waking Up With Everyone Around Us


Waking Up With Everyone Around Us


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Transforming the social groups we live in can greatly accelerate individual heart-awakening.  But how do we do this? Where do we even start with this kind of social make-over?

This book is about one way we can do this. It comes out my spending forty years facilitating thousands of Heart Circles where I’ve directly experienced the power and wisdom that arises when people sit together with the simple intention to be present and attentive to one another.

I wrote this book to share with you how Heart Circle works and how you can create and sustain your own Heart Circle.

Waking Up With Everyone Around Us is timely. We are leaving the old pyramidal social structures of hierarchy and dominance and creating new circle structures of cooperation and community.


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A Passage from the Book:

The coming times are already here. The old ways are collapsing to make room for the new. The breakdown in the trends and patterns that have defined our lives can easily produce instability and fear. To truly meet these times, we need the wisdom of several million saints!

Fortunately, plenty of saints have signed up for this—more than enough to handle the job. What we really need now are circles for the saints to sit in: supportive environments to greet and meet each other: places to huddle together so we can come up with the next play!