A 4-week Webinar Course

A 4-week Webinar Course


In this 4-week webinar I’ll expand on what I’ve written in Waking Up with Everyone Around Us touching on some of the subtle aspects of The Five Ways of Being and Heart Circle work. There is an ‘energetic’ component to these four sessions. We’ll create a relaxing and enjoyable group field just by being in the course together. The calls will be practical, experiential and through them, I hope you’ll be inspired to experiment with creating your own two-person mini Heart Circle.

Reading the book before the course begins will make your course experience much richer. We'll be able to delve into the material deeper and avoid basic questions like “What’s a Heart Circle?” These live-video calls will be recorded if you miss a session or if you prefer to listen to them in your own time. 

Call in information will provided upon registration.

Essence of Heart Circle & The Five Ways of Being:

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