The 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience

I’d love to say that starting a Heart Circle is easy, but it’s not. Like creating anything else of value, we have to know what we’re doing. This takes training and considerable trial and error experimentation over time. 

Because it does require time and effort, it’s important that you have a chance to experience Heart Circle before deciding whether or not they want to learn how to create one. 

Welcome to the 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience!

This is a one-time only 3-hour Heart Circle that I facilitate either in person (if I am in your area) or through a Zoom video conference call. 

Each Experience is limited to only eight people! This provides you with plenty of space to ask questions, give feedback and participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with.  

I will spend the first 30 minutes talking about the Heart Circle format and its basic agreements so that everyone’s on the same page. Then we will spend the remaining time in the Circle experience itself! 

You have the option of enrolling individually or you can encourage your partner, some of your friends, family members, or colleagues to enroll with you so that you fill part or all of the eight spots with people you know! Either way works. Organizations are also welcome! 

No specific beliefs or prior group experience is needed to participate. Just show up as you are. 

The Three-Hour Heart Circle Experience is affordable: USD$80.00 and risk free. If you don’t receive the value you wanted from your experience, we will happily refund your money immediately!

Q & A

 How do I connect through the web if I'm joining a Heart Circle remotely?

Once you enroll in your particular 8-member Experience session, we will send you simple instructions on how to connect via a Zoom video call that can be accessed through  your cell phone or computer anywhere in the world. 

How do I prepare for my Heart Circle Experience?

Bring your curiosity,  open-heart but also any skepticism you may have. 

Before enrolling in the Experience, you can also read my book, Waking Up With Everyone Around Us, in order to get a deeper sense of how Heart Circles works. 

Does it matter if I don’t know any of the seven other people participating in the Experience with me? 

Not at all. In fact, it will give you the experience of how any group of people can come into resonance with one another in a very short time while in the safe container of Heart Circle. 

Is a Heart Circle Experience a safe space for people of all races / genders / cultural backgrounds?

Heart Circle is designed to bring out and honor differences rather than trying to homogenize them into some set of common beliefs or practices. Its purpose is to bolster personal sovereignty within community. 

Is there value in participating in this Experience if I don’t want to go any further with Heart Circle once I complete it? 

Yes! This experience is designed as a ‘stand-alone’ event. You will get ideas about how we can transform our relationships and social groups that are applicable to any social situation with or without being in an ongoing Heart Circle. 

What if I’ve had previous experience in other kinds of Circles? What makes Heart Circle different from these? 

There are many excellent circles models. Some circles emphasize some form of sacred ritual or prayer. Some are designed for processing trauma or moving beyond addiction. Others form councils in which community consensus can be reached. Still others explore a specific set of teachings by a specific teacher. 

Heart Circle emphasizes ‘personal presence’ and using the group field to give participants greater access to their own inner guidance. Heart Circle is also ‘neutral’ in that the Circle process doesn’t formally incorporate into it any specific set of teachings or beliefs. It is about coming into ‘Now’ together so that we have access to insights and direction that only is available when we are truly ‘present’. 

Will I be able to find a Heart Circle time slot that fits my time zone?

Yes. There are plenty of time choices so that you don’t have to do this Experience in the wee hours of the morning or during work. 

3-Hour Heart Circle Experience
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