Heart Circle Possibilities

Heart Circles can be formed in any area of our social life, from friendships to families to organizations of all kinds. 


Close Friendships

Existing friends make the best Heart Circle members! And a best friend is the best person to begin a Heart Circle with. It can grow into a larger Circle of friends after the two friends experience a Heart Circle together for the initial four or eight weeks.


Committed Partnerships

The primary reason to be together in a marriage or committed relationship is to support each other in becoming more present and real with each other, more heart-directed, and more in love. Since this is the same purpose as a Heart Circle, there is a natural marriage between Heart Circle and primary relationships. Spending an hour each week in Circle with your primary partner can dramatically enrich any union. 



A family is a heart Circle. Weekly or bi-monthly family meetings can be formed to find out what each person in the family is feeling and wanting in order to be happier in the family. 


Children, especially, love Circle because it resonates with their need for quality attention. Encouraging them to communicate directly, gives them a sense of being an integral part of the family, regardless of their age. They are treated as sovereign beings who are participating in creating their own lives, rather than being caught up in the mindset of the larger Culture of Separation and all the dramas that come with it. Regular family Heart Circle increases family intimacy, while serving as an antidote to living together without bonding together. 


Men’s and Women’s Groups

Something happens when men are in Circle with other men and women in Circle with other women. There is a power inherent in this that other cultures and civilizations often understood and utilized. You may want to explore forming a gender specific group to find out for yourself the value of a men’s or women’s Heart Circle. 


If you are already in a men’s or women’s group, you may want to experiment with this Heart Circle process and adapt any part of it that serves your group.  


Churches and Temples

A church or temple can increase the creativity and self-organizing capacity of its congregants by tenfold almost overnight by forming autonomous Heart Circles within the church. The Circle inverses the hierarchical structure of the church so that the paid staff and leadership end up doing ten percent of whatever is accomplished, while congregants contribute the other ninety percent, instead of the other way around. This is because Heart Circles are self-forming, self-facilitated, and self-activating. 


Many churches and temples will agree with the Heart Circle purpose: to intentionally create an ongoing, enjoyable social environment that supports each person in becoming more present, real, heart-directed, and connected in life and with one another. It is a natural fit.



It is common sense to say that when people within a business are allowed to work from their passion, rather than from just putting in time, and when everyone within the business is communicating more openly and honestly, the business will more likely flourish. With some modifications, Heart Circle within businesses can help accomplish this. 


The caveat with businesses is that Heart Circle is rarely effective unless it occurs outsideof the business. This is because businesses have a primary intent to generate income, whereas the primary intent in Heart Circle is to support one another in Heart Awakening. This is as it should be. The business is a container for its specific intention, and can’t be mixed with a Heart Circle’s very different intention. If you want to play soccer, you don’t join a band. They are two different containers for two different purposes. But people from a business can join a Heart Circle together outside of the business. 



Every child deserves to have a safe place within the school environment to express what they are feeling and wanting, to talk about their relationships with classmates and teachers, and to learn how to follow their own hearts around what they are inspired to learn.  


It is relatively easy to organize Heart Circle in schools if there is the political and administrative support for doing so. Heart Circle could also play a significant role on university and college campuses. Circle provides an ideal environment for more mature students to experientially explore both the art of creating community and heart-activation while staying focused on academics. 


Phone or Internet 

While it is ideal to be in the physical presence of one another, Heart Circle can happen through teleconferencing calls or through various Internet platforms. They still work beautifully long distance. 



We will look back fifty years from now and wonder how we allowed prisons in their current form to ever exist. Until that time, the Heart Circle process can serve people who are serving time. There is heart and humanity in this process. Our prisons can use this. 



Many people doing service within NGO’s and not for profit organizations are already aligned perfectly with the Heart Circle model that supports heart-awakening. Their service work is already heart-centered. Heart Circle is a good match for these kinds of organizations.   


Spiritual Communities

Most spiritual organizations are organized around one teacher or a specific set of teachings. These groups rarely utilize the synergistic power of individuals connecting with one another within their organization. Playing the role of spiritual teacher is important, but it can also lead to concretizing that role if the teacher or the students consciously or unconsciously agree to remain in their roles, rather than transform beyond them. Heart Circle can help free both the teacher and the students, if both are willing to be fully-integrated, equal, sovereign members of their community. 




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