The 8-week Webinar Heart Circle Training

This course is available for anyone who has completed the 3-Hour Heart Circle Experience and wants to learn how to create and sustain their own ongoing Heart Circle.

It’s facilitated by Tej Steiner, the creator of Heart Circle. 

Each weekly 2-hour session happens through Zoom video technology so that everyone can participate. There will be a balanced mix of experiential and theoretical learning. 

We will explore and feel into these questions together: 

·      What does it actually mean to create a ‘resonant field’ within a group so that the group ends up supporting heart-connection and presence? 

·      What are the agreements that we can intentionally make with one another to create this social resonance? 

·      How are the Five Ways of Being universal elements that show up in in both personal growth and the creation of healthy community? 

·      What is the Heart Circle process and how can it be shared with others who want to be in Heart Circle with you? 

·      What are the three major pitfalls that all relationships and social groups must avoid? 

·      What do you need to know to facilitate a Heart Circle until the group becomes able to facilitate itself? 

·      How do the two questions of what are you feeling and what do you want help deal with conflict, differences and personal wounding?

·      Why must a Heart Circle be kept ‘neutral’; free of specific teachings or formats so that simply ‘being present’ and the Circle agreements guide what happens next in any Heart Circle.  

·      What’s love got to do with it? (Got to do with it…) and how can love be defined and experienced so that it includes ‘everything’ rather than just the bright and shiny side of love? 

·      How does what happens in Heart Circle create heart-opening support for each circle member life outside of Circle? 

Each session is designed to move at a pace that’s comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the course. We move together rather than at the pace of the facilitator or of the few. Input, questions and feedback are always welcome at any time.  

 Reading or listening to Tej’s Heart Circle book, Waking Up With Everyone Around Us, is strongly recommended but not required. There will also be suggested ‘homework’ in between sessions that are again recommended but not required. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of the 8-week course, will I be able to start my own Heart Circle? 

 We recommend that Heart Circle begin with just two and sometimes three people. In this way, it’s much easier to concentrate on the Heart Circle process without the more complex dynamics of a larger group. This training is designed to give member the skills and understanding to begin with a two or three member Heart Circle. There will also be some of you with considerable circle experience in this course. You will be able to add Heart Circle skills to your existing skills and not necessarily have these limits. 

What if I miss one or two of the eight sessions? 

Sessions will not be video-recorded to insure everyone’s privacy. Missing a session because of travel or other plans will not diminish your overall experience of Heart Circle. However, missing more than two sessions will dimish your overall experience. 

Will we be functioning as an actual Heart Circle during these sessions so that if personal issues arise, time can be taken to address them? 

No. This is a training and we will not be creating a container capable of addressing personal issues. We will be learning how to create that safe container rather than acting as a safe container. However, Tej will work with arises during the eight sessions to address what can come up in any Circle.

Is there an advantage to enrolling in this course with a friend or family member? 

Yes! Particularly if you want to start a Heart Circle with that person. You will both be on the same page when going to do so! 

As in the 3-Heart Heart Circle Experience, can I get a refund if I don’t receive the value I had hoped to receive? 

You can get a full refund only after the first of the eight sessions. After that, you are responsible for your own experience in the following seven weeks. If you want something other than what is being offered, you are free to ask for it. It’s like life: Identifying and asking for what you want is important to the overall success of this course. Finding your Heart Voice is what Heart Circle is for.