The Five Ways of Being


The Five Ways of Being: Being Clear, Present, Real, Connected, and Heart-Directed


Being Clear

What is my life purpose? How does what I do in everyday life support my purpose?

Being Present

How do I stop my constant thinking and come into stillness?

Being Real

What am I feeling emotionally in this moment?

Being Connected

Am I experiencing love and connection right now?

Being Heart-Directed

Am I following what I truly want, or what I’m conditioned to want? 


For me, Heart Awakening is accepting the ongoing invitation to become Clear, Present, Real, Connected, and Heart-Directed in any given moment. No one can tell us how to engage in these Ways of Being or self-reflective inquiries, yet, at some point, each of us must engage in them if we want to evolve into deeper awareness.

There is a similarity with these inquiries to playing a sport like basketball. If we want to play the game, we must engage in passing the ball, running up and down the court, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defending. We have to cultivate these elements and bring them into the game because that’s what the game is. There’s no final mastery of it. We just keep playing and improving as we play. The more we develop our play, the more the possibilities for enjoying it increase.

While Heart Awakening is not about doing practices like dribbling or shooting, there is spiritual practice involved. Inquiry into and cultivation of the Five Ways of Being are required for becoming more aware and heart-present. We must explore our purpose, quiet our minds, fully feel our emotions, come into connected love, and follow what we truly want.

These specific inquiries work synergistically with one another. One inquiry without the other doesn’t work. They all combine and build on one another.

How we work with these elements is up to us. There is no “one way” for any of it, and it doesn’t work if we try to prescribe or project what works for us onto somebody else. These inquiries must happen on our terms, be pursued in our own way and in our own time. The Five Ways of Being can serve as a valuable map to help us determine where we want to go, by giving us more traveling options. As a framework for awakening, it never runs out of room. It remains as fresh as the moment of Now. It’s powerful because it takes us out of linear time and into the experience of Now.

The Five Ways of Being are not new. I have simply identified them. I am not saying they are the only ways of being, just that these five ways are elemental. 

My own exploration of Heart Awakening has led me to see how awakening can be defined so that the definition itself provides a living framework for awakening. The framework, and Heart Awakening itself, involves these Five Ways of Being.

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