Time To Awaken?

My name is Tej Steiner. I’m the founder of Heart Circle.  

Since Heart Circle is designed to serve awakening, I thought it best that we start with finding a simple definition of ‘awakening’ that most of us can agree. 

From my Heart Circle book: 

“Awakening or Heart Awakening, refers to a transformational leap in perceptionthat results in two fundamental changes in how we experience life. First, it involves a shift out of the perception that we are individuals disconnected from life into the perception that we are connected to the whole of life. This connection comes with a sense of peace, joy and an access to greater wisdom. It is not based upon a belief, but rather on the ongoing, moment-to-moment, direct experience of our connection. It isn’t about religion or philosophy, because belief and intellectual understanding are not needed to awaken. It is more like gravity. Our connection to everything just is.

The second fundamental change is that the heart opens into an inexplicable, abiding love for everything and everyone. It involves the development of human empathy: our ability to feel into and to care for what others are experiencing. It also comes with a profound longing to stay within connection, rather than returning to the misperception of feeling existentially alone.”

If we can loosely agree on this, let’s see if we agree on what’s happening today in relationship to our awakening. Again, from my book: 

“For thousands of years, there have only been small numbers of individuals in any given time or place that made this perceptual leap into Oneness and Love. We have often referred to them as saints, sages, and teachers. 

Today, something profoundly new is occurring. Instead of a small handful of people awakening within their local culture, there are now millions of people awakening all at once in every part of the world. This has never happened before! 

How do we know that millions of people are simultaneously awakening today? The answer is profound: it’s because you and I are included within these millions! If you are not personally experiencing this leap of consciousness, you wouldn’t know it is occurring. You wouldn’t be able to feel this collective change in awareness because it wouldn’t be happening within your own personal awareness.” 

Is this new to you?  Or obvious? Whether it’s one or the other, I want to share with how being in your own Heart Circle supports your awakening.


This Is Heart Circle!